FREE initial consultation without any treatments/procedures.

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal (Electrology)

$45 for first 20 minutes, then $1.90 per minute or

$105 per hour (No maximum, you can book our services for as long as you'd like)

Minimum charge is $45 (upto 20 minutes) for each session.

I'm quite efficient & fast, much faster than my Youtube video. Thus, it should be cheaper than many other clinics.

Diathermy to remove/reduce Vascular Lesions

such as superficial red capillaries, telangiectasia, spider veins, thread veins, cherry angiomas, red moles & some other vascular blemish via Electrolysis

Minimum charge is $45 (for upto 15 minutes) for each session,

then it is $2 per minute.

Diathermy to remove Skin Tags, Milia, Sebaceous Hyperplasia via Electrolysis

Minimum charge per session is $60 (without aftercare aloe vera gel) or

$75 (with 50ml of aloe vera gel to take home) for first 15 minutes of the treatment,

then it is $2 per minute.

Laser Permanent Hair Reduction

Why our LHR services cost a bit more than franchised laser clinics?

1. We are very thorough, we do not rush and we spend time to ensure all the areas you purchase are treated efficaciously.

2. Most importantly, we guarantee results.

You will see significant change since your initial 1st treatment.

You may have to spend more than 6 - 8 treatments in other laser clinics and your result might NOT be as great reduction as you can achieve within 4th treatment with us.

Provided you are good candidate for laser hair removal, you probably can achieve at least 95% hair reduction within 4 treatment sessions.

Initial 1st and 2nd sessions are around 8-12 weeks apart, then subsequent 3rd - 6th sessions are around 8 weeks to 6 months apart.

3. Hygiene & Privacy are also ones of our domains.

Each client are appointed around 30 min gap apart for cleaning, disinfection & air refreshing. All direct contact surfaces including staff uniforms, linens, treatment bed covers, door knobs and etc. are disinfected, changed and/or newly washed after each individual client.


Minimum charge per treatment session for Laser Hair Removal is $35

It is cheaper to have multiple body areas treated per session.

Please contact us for a quote for LHR of multiple areas. For examples of price per session excluding shaving:

Full front + full back + both sides of flank areas + shoulders + full neck (front & back) $300

Underarms + From abs down to feet & toes for female $280

Underarms + From groin to feet & toes for female $260

Underarms + From groin to ankles for female $250

Underarms + Brazilian + inner thighs + inner bottoms + anus + lower legs including knees for female $185

Underarms + Brazilian/groin area for female $85

Underarms + Brazilian + Perimeter around groin area for female $100

Underarms + Brazilian + Perimeter + inner thighs + inner bottoms + anus for female $120 - $150


Price List Based On Areas per single treatment session:

Shaving per session starting from $20 or $1 per minute, whatever higher

Face & Neck:

Hair line or Forehead $40

Mid brow $15

Cheeks & Sideburns $60

Lips (both upper & lower) $20

Chin $25

Jaw line $40

Lips + Chin $35

Lips + Chin + Jaw line $60

Beard line (including cheek lines & neck line) $60

Full Face $80

Full face + Front neck $120

Neck (Front or Back) $60

Whole neck $100

Décolletage (both front & back neck, shoulders, upper back and upper chest) $140

Upper body:

Underarms $40

Shoulders $70

1/2 arms $80

3/4 arms $100

Full arms $120

Hands & Fingers $40

Shoulders + Full arms $135

Full arms + Hands & Fingers $135

Shoulders, Full arms, Hands & Fingers $150

Chest $80

Areolas $35

Abdomen / Stomach $80

Snail trail / Navel line $40

Full front (including Chest, Stomach & partially sides of both flanks) $150

Both sides of flanks $80

½ back $100

Full back (including partial sides of flanks) $150

Full back + Shoulders + Back neck $200

Lower body:

Male/Female Bikini line (from front to rear) $50

Female Brazilian (from front to back, including anus) $65

Female Brazilian & Perimeter $80

Female Brazilian, Perimeter + Inner thighs + Inner bottoms $100

Male/Female Anus $40

Male/Female Inner bottoms + Anus $50

Male/Female Buttocks, Inner bottoms + Anus $90

Inner thighs $65 - $80

½ Legs (upper or lower legs) including Knees $100

Full legs $150

Knees $40

Feet & Toes $40

Toes $25

Inner thighs + Upper legs + Knees $140

Inner thighs + Full legs $180

Inner thighs + Full legs + Feet + Toes $200

½ Legs + Knees + Toes $120

½ Legs + Knees + Feet + Toes $130

Female Full Body $450

Male Full Body excluding groin area $500

Removal of Vascular Lesions or

Capillary Reduction by Laser

Minimum charge per session is $35 for first 5 minutes,

then it is $2.75 per minute.

15% discount is applied for a session of at least 30 minutes or longer.

If you find cheaper prices elsewhere within 25 km radius, we will provide price match guarantee for this capillary reduction by laser but the competitor's offered price must be valid at the time of your treatment appointment, and we will need to validate this.

Patch Testing of Hair Removal

Patch tests for different areas must be done before commencing LHR. There are 3 options:

Option 1: Patch tests at least 15 min before starting the real session. Prices as per indicated above.

Option 2: Patch tests at least few days or longer before starting the real LHR session. This option costs $35 inclusive of shaving & patch tests for different body areas.

If hair don't fall out within a week or two after the treatment, then LHR isn't working. But if you achieve this, then you can decide to proceed with our LHR services.

Option 3: Option 2 + 15-minutes electrolysis => $50

How to get discount?

I. Electrolysis Hair Removal

when you spent at least 2 hrs or longer per session,

we can offer you either:

I. Discount or

II. Price match guarantee -- If you find cheaper prices elsewhere within 45 km radius, but the competitor's speed must be similar & offered price must be valid at the time of your treatment appointment, and we will need to validate this.

Please contact us to discuss.

II. Referrals (15% off)

For everyone you refer, you will receive 15% discount for your next session once your referee spent their first session (after their patch testing if applied).

Your discount is expired within 6 months after granted.

You can transfer each discount to another person as you wish, if not yet expired.

For example, if you refer to 3 friends and once they spent their first sessions after patch tests, you will receive 15% discount for your next 3 sessions.

III. Writing Us your sincere Review (and get 10% off your next treatment session) via either of the following platforms:

-- Google reviews

-- Facebook: Upwey Electrolysis

-- Facebook: Upwey Laser

We would love to hear your feedback and would be incredibly grateful if you could write a review for our services. This will allow us to improve our services & let others recognise how good we are.

Our goal is to provide the very best services & to deliver best results.