Beauty, Laser & Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Result, Safety, Hygiene & Privacy are our utmost primary.

We are striving to be the best service provider in everything we do for every treatment we provide.

Why choose us?

We guarantee results for either totally permanent hair removal or reduction via either Electrolysis, Laser or combination of both methods for:

- All hair colours including blond, red, grey, white, brown and dark black

- All skin colours

- All unwanted hair from everywhere of your body from head to toes including tattooed areas

- Every kind of hair, from sparse, light, thin, fine vellus to dense, dark, thick, or coarse hair

- Ingrown hair that causes sores and skin irritation

melbourne laser electrolysis permanent hair removal reduction
melbourne laser electrolysis permanent hair removal reduction

Our Services:

1. Laser Treatments:

1.1 Laser Hair Removal (LHR)

1.2 Laser Removal of Vascular Lesions or Reduction of Capillaries by Laser

1.3 Laser Removal/Reduction of Benign HyperPigmentation

1.4 Photo Rejuvenation: Collagen/Elastin Induction, Fine Line Reduction & Skin Tightening

2. Electrolysis Treatments:

2.1 Permanent Hair Removal (or Needle Epilation)

2.2 Diathermy or Removal of Superficial Red broken Capillaries, Telangiectasia, Spider Veins, Thread Veins, Cherry Angiomas, Red Moles & some other Vascular Blemish

2.3 Diathermy or Removal of Milia, Sebaceous Hyperplasia & Skin Tags

Sorry we don't treat male groin, but we treat both male & female hair in gluteal areas to treat/prevent pilonidal cysts.

Why our laser hair removal services are so effective, better and superior than the rest?

Any superior machines become useless if there's no signs of perifollicular oedema (inflamed hair follicles) 5-15 min after being hit by light beams and hair doesn't fall out within 2 weeks post each treatment session.

Any inferior machines can work effectively when hair follicles become inflamed soon after the treatment procedure and hair fall out in 1-2 weeks after each session.

Superior machines can help clients achieve ultimate greater reduction result long-term at the right hand, for instance more than 90% permanent hair reduction, instead of less than 70-80%. Therefore the right therapists with the right machines for LHR when majority of your hair is in anagen are all important.

One of the significant factors in achieving optimised result is not only the right machine, but the therapist’s knowledge, experience and understanding of the technology and the machine he or she is working with.

You can get treated by the most expensive, top notch machine with highest output power in the world (which isn’t necessary but at least a decent machine is still required), but if a therapist use insufficient energy settings clients won’t achieve greater reduction results from LHR.

best laser hair removal upwey melbourne
best laser hair removal upwey melbourne

What makes our laser machine standing out from the rest?

- high output power of 8200 watts

- uses Alexandrite and Nd:YAG crystals as laser sources

- It is a true laser, not spreading Diode or IPL, thus able to emit more concentrated higher energy, thus achieving better hair reduction/removal results.

- emits both 755 & 1064 nm wavelengths separately or at the same time, allowing us to treat multiple targets & depths at the same time.

755 nm treats shallower part of hair follicles while 1064 nm treats deeper part.

755 targets dark pigments, such as dark melanins, thus more effective to treat hair with light colours than 1064 nm, whereas 1064 nm targets oxyhaemoglobin and water in the blood, thus cutting off nutrients and hormones supplies and starving the follicles.

- designed to effectively treat not only dark, dense, thick & coarse hair, but also residual, fine & light-coloured hair after multiple laser hair removal sessions that other machines struggle with.

- It has been approved by Australian TGA, USA FDA, European EMA and by other regulatory bodies around the world as the medical laser device indicated for long term/permanent hair reduction/removal and pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) for all skin colours, Fitzpatrick I-VI.

Provided you are good candidate for LHR and strictly follow our instructions, you will receive significant reduction from your very first initial treatment and achieve more than 80-95% permanent hair reduction within 4 - 6 treatments within initial 2 years.

After that no further additional hair removal methods, such as shaving, are required and you are at least 80%-95% hair free for at least 4-6 years or forever after your last treatment

Why multiple wavelengths are more effective in destroying hair follicles than single wavelength?

Candela Gentle series and Cutera machines can only emit a single wavelength per shot. Our laser machine, Duetto MT EVO by Quanta System, can emit both wavelengths allowing us to treat multiple targets & depths at the same time. 755 nm treats shallower part of hair follicles while 1064 nm treats deeper part.

755 targets dark pigments, such as dark melanins, thus more effective than 1064 nm in destroying hair with light colours.

1064 nm targets oxyhaemoglobin and water in the blood, thus cutting off nutrients and hormones supplies and starving the follicles.

anagen hair follicle
anagen hair follicle

The table comparing our machine Duetto MT EVO by Quanta System with Candela Gentle Series, Lumenis' Lightsheer Duet, Infinity, & Splendor X, Alma Lasers' Soprano Ice, Primelase Excellence, and Elysion:

comparing popular machines for hair removal
comparing popular machines for hair removal

Source: Devices@FDA

Why our electrology is guaranteed totally permanent hair removal?

We are flexible with all the modalities: Blend, Fast blend, slow Galvanic, Thermolysis & Flash thermolysis.

Electrolysis can permanently remove all red, blond, white and grey hair. It can also permanently destroy every hair of all phases of hair growth cycle, not just anagen.

A one-time-used, disposable & sterile needle, the same diameter to your hair is being inserted along each hair follicle, then the follicle is destructed by either radio wave (in other words, RF, HF, flash or thermolysis) or the chemical reaction induced by direct current (in other words, DC or galvanic) being generated along the needle. Nothing is injected. Only the individual hair follicle is affected.

Thermolysis sends radio waves from the tip of a needle causing cells to vibrate & heat up in the presence of your body’s moisture. Vibration creates friction and friction produces heat. Thermolysis destroys cells & tissue locating only adjacent to the tip of the needle. The effect is fixed in position.

Galvanic rearranges water and salt present in adjacent tissue into sodium hydroxide (lye). Lye is highly soluble in the presence of body’s moisture. This liquid alkaline can flow and reach the nearby area where it is unreachable by thermolysis.

When using blend technique utilising both thermolysis and galvanic, it helps speed up the galvanic.

Which modality is the best: Galvanic, Blend or Thermolysis?

This depends on the hair being treated.

– Blend is more effective for coarse, curved or distorted follicles.

– Insulated needles should be used when treating shallow hair. The manufacturers recommended that insulated needles shouldn’t be used with Galvanic or Blend, thus only thermolysis is suitable for this type of needles.

*** My services are for customers who are seriously looking to get permanent results in hair removal, whether it is totally hair removal or just a significant hair reduction. I provide result guarantee in permanent hair removal/reduction. Thus, ALL customers need to understand the following information:

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